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I'm Nick your sole owner & operator of this local microgreens farm.  I've been an athlete my entire life, but it wasn't until I hit my 30s when eating healthy and my food choices became an important part of my life. I had an extremely high metabolism throughout my entire competitive career, and, to me, my food choices were more about quantity rather than quality.  Even though every training camp we had a nutritionist give a presentation informing us that our food choices are important, and quality is better than quantity.  I've also lived on some very low nutrient diets while living off of gas station food when working on the pipeline and also living off of PB&Js during hay season that contributed to poor gut health.  After my body started changing into a dad bod, I realized something had to change.

To be honest I hated eating vegetables most of my youth and even into my mid 20's.  So, I had to find a way to get better green nutrients into my body.  That's when I discovered microgreens, with a little nudge from my sister.  After reading every article I could find that pointed to different scientific based research on microgreens, a light bulb went off.  Microgreens are the easiest and most fun way to get your green nutrition.  I've read in articles and heard in many podcasts that microgreens are the "GATEWAY" vegetable.  IT IS SO TRUE!  Now instead of grabbing a bag of chips, I grab a couple handfuls of Micro Sunflowers as a snack.  The great thing about them is that KIDS love them too!

I learned not only are they extremely beneficial to your health, but the way they are grown is very sustainably.  I feel like living in a mountain town we all have health on our minds, at least a little, but our produce quality is sometimes lacking because of how the supply chain works to transport those food to the mountains.  I've grabbed fruits and veggies from our local grocery stores without inspecting it first only to learn they were bad or moldy when I got home.  This is a major problem in mainstream retail markets.  No one really knows how old their food is before they buy it. 

That's why I started Electric Microgreens.

I felt there was a lack of quality, fresh, locally grown, nutrient dense produce in our area, especially during the winter months.  With microgreens being harvested so frequently it gives our local community easy access to an extremely fresh and healthy food source that can easily be added to any meal all year long.   With a fast-growing cycle it allows a farmer to perfect the quality of the product very quickly, rather than having to wait for the next growing season or year to perfect a commodity crop which can take years to do.  After many test growing cycles, I have dialed the products we offer to the highest of quality standards and flavor.  I always search for ways to improve upon our products.  I will always be testing new varieties and growing methods to maximize the quality of the product and the sustainability of the farm. 

It's my honor to grow this nutritious and delicious fresh produce for you!

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