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Offering high quality microgreens since 2023!

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The FUTURE of farming is VERTICAL.

What is vertical farming?

Vertical farming is an innovative way to bring urban farming into densely populated cities and regions or those affected by long winters. It refers to growing crops indoors on vertically or horizontally stacked layers, such as trays, under an energy-efficient light source. Depending on the needs of the area, vertical farms can grow everything from leafy greens to fruits and vegetables. This technique provides fresh food options that are accessible and convenient to communities that may have historically had limited access to fresh produce due to physical or economic barriers. Vertical farming eliminates transportation costs, reducing its environmental impact compared to traditional agriculture methods that rely on conventional farm production.

What are the benefits of vertical farming?

Vertical farming is quickly becoming a popular sustainable solution around the globe. With vertical farming, crops are grown vertically in stacked layers or shelves inside warehouses, greenhouses, and other container-like structures. This revolutionary concept reduces water consumption and external energy requirements by utilizing renewable or energy-efficient sources, creating an environmentally friendly system. Growing locally in vertical farms eliminates miles of transportation, saving time and resources for production and reducing pollution caused by shipping food from far away locations. Moreover, this method can allow growers to control their environment much more efficiently, leading to higher yields and better-quality and consistent produce. Lastly, vertical farms have the potential to serve local markets that otherwise would not have access to fresh produce year-round.

Our Farm:

At Electric Microgreens, we maximize the usable space of just under 500 square feet.  In a 5 square foot area, we can utilize 65 total square feet with vertical farming practices.  Within our farm, we can grow, harvest, and package up to 185 pounds of microgreens every week.  We use the highest quality non-gmo seeds & organic soils we can source.  We grow without the use of chemical pesticides, herbicides, and fertilizers.  Growing in the soil gives the greens a distinctive and natural flavor.  It is also the way nature intended plants to grow. After harvesting the microgreens, we take the soil and roots back to Lucky 8 Ranch, where we feed it to our chickens and turn it into compost for our gardens. 

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