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Intorducing the "Miro Farmz" grow @ home kit - The ultimate way to embark on a thrilling journey right from the comfort of your own home!  Get ready to become a master gardener and discover the magic of growing your very own microgrees. 


With our Micro Farmz kit, you'll dive into an anchanting world of tiny plants bursting with flavor and nutriction. Unleash your inner green thumb as you sow the seeds of excitement and watch them sprout into a miniature garden of goodness!


This kit is designed exclusively for young explorers, but adults can have fun too, packed with everything needed to kickstart their microgreen adventure.  Inside, you'll find the secret treasure trove of seeds, growing container, and nutrient rich soil.  Our easy to follow guide will lead you through each step of the growing process - from seed to harvest. 


What'z Included?

1 - Reusable Container & Lid

Organik Soil for 1 grow

Non-GMO Seedz for 1 grow

Fun Facts

Easy to Follow Instruction

Micro Farmz - Grow @ Home Kit

Excluding Sales Tax
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