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A "direct to community" farm!
A "direct to community" farm!
A "direct to community" farm!
A "direct to community" farm!


Farm-2-Door Experience!

Locally grown and delivered to your doorstep!

Free Delivery on Orders Over $20

Discover the Finest Microgreens in Steamboat Springs, CO

with a Convenient Home Delivery!

Calling all Steamboat Springs residents and food enthusiasts! Your search for the freshest, chemical free, and most nutrient-packed microgreens ends here. Welcome to Electric Microgreens, a culinary experience that seamlessly blends taste, health, and local goodness.

Indulge in the Delight of Microgreens: Experience microgreens like never before – these tiny emerald wonders redefine flavor and nutrition. Sourced locally in Oak Creek, CO, our microgreens are a powerhouse of taste and wellness, making every meal exceptional.

Unlock the Power of Nutrition: Did you know that microgreens offer up to 40 times more nutrients than mature greens? Elevate your health with every bite as you enjoy a wide array of benefits:

🌱 Strengthen your immunity 

🌱 Reduce inflammation 

🌱 Enhance gut health

Home Delivery for Ultimate Convenience: We understand the importance of convenience in your busy life. That's why we proudly offer hassle-free home delivery services for anyone in the Steamboat Springs area. Savoring the goodness of microgreens has never been easier – place your order and let us take care of the rest.

Embrace Health, Taste, and Local Goodness: Our microgreens aren't just about food – they're a commitment to your well-being and a celebration of local agriculture. As your trusted source of microgreens in the Yampa Valley, we offer multiple nutrient-rich options tailored to your culinary preferences.

Experience the Microgreens Revolution: Join the microgreens revolution today and elevate your dishes with Steamboat Springs's finest produce. Taste the difference, embrace the goodness, and relish the convenience of home delivery. Rediscover the joy of eating, the thrill of health, and the satisfaction of supporting local excellence.

Order Now for Microgreens Delivered to Your Doorstep!


In this photo, you can see sprouts on the left, microgreens in the middle, and a more mature vegetable on the right.

Embarking on a Nutritional Journey:

Unveiling the Extraordinary World of Microgreens

At the crossroads of botanical wonder and nutritional excellence lies the captivating realm of microgreens. Delving into their essence unveils a fascinating tale of plant life in its earliest stages after sprouting, embodying a living energy that ignites both the palate and the body.

Microgreens: Guardians of Nutrient Prowess

Venturing beyond mere sustenance, microgreens emerge as dynamic "living foods," purposefully harnessed in their peak nutritious and delectable form. These miniature marvels offer a symphony of flavors while bearing the potential to revolutionize well-being.

A Symphony of Health Benefits: Where Science Meets Nature

Immerse yourself in a cascade of scientific validation as research illuminates the abundant health benefits concealed within these minuscule wonders:

🌱 Fortifying the Immune Bastion: Witness the strengthening of your immune system as microgreens step forward with their immunomodulatory prowess.

🌱 Quelling the Fires of Inflammation: Revel in the anti-inflammatory powers within microgreens, soothing the body's internal fires and promoting balance.

🌱 Unveiling Pathways to Weight Management: Embark on a journey towards your wellness goals, as microgreens present potential pathways to weight loss through their unique nutritional profile.

🌱 An Arsenal Against Chronic Diseases: Assemble an arsenal against the shadows of chronic ailments, with microgreens potentially reducing the risk of various diseases that cast a long shadow over well-being.

🌱 Nurturing the Microcosm Within: Cultivate a harmonious inner landscape as microgreens contribute to improved gut health, fostering an environment of vitality and equilibrium.

Microgreens vs. The Green Brigade: A Nutritional Uprising

Why do microgreens stand head and shoulders above their leafy companions like lettuce, spinach, and kale? The answer lies in their extraordinary composition and concentrated vitality:

🌿 The Elixir of Concentration: Experience the unparalleled potency of microgreens as their nutrient content becomes a symphony of vitality, condensed into these delicate forms.

🌿 Elevating the Antioxidant Symphony: Witness the rise of antioxidants to virtuoso levels – up to 40 times higher than their more mature counterparts.

🌿 The Abundant Bounty of Minerals: Bask in the richness of macro minerals such as calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, and potassium, woven intricately into the tapestry of microgreen nutrition.

🌿 A Hidden Treasure of Microminerals: Unearth the treasure trove of microminerals – iron, zinc, and copper – enriching microgreens with their subtle yet profound contributions.

🌿 A Vitamin-B Laden Odyssey: Embark on a journey into the world of microgreens, where Vitamin B and essential amino acids flourish, partnered with the embrace of folate and an array of life-enriching elements.

Embarking on this educational journey into microgreens is an exploration of both scientific discovery, nutritional artistry and explosive flavors. As you savor their vibrant flavors and absorb their vitality, remember that these miniature plants carry the potential to elevate not just your palate but your entire well-being. Embrace the microgreens revolution and witness the transformation they inspire within your culinary and health narratives.


What are Microgreens?




Exploring the Effortless Art of Cooking with Microgreens:

Where Culinary Delight Meets Healthful Ease

Among the myriad reasons that kindle our passion for microgreens (apart from their abundant health treasures) lies a gem of culinary simplicity that unveils a world of gustatory pleasure and well-being.

A Symphony of Simplicity: Embrace the Ease

Step into a culinary realm where simplicity reigns supreme. Microgreens are more than tiny wonders; they are culinary allies that elevate your dishes. The remarkable ease with which microgreens can be incorporated into your cooking endeavors is magical.

Unlock the Magic: Ease Personified

In the realm of gastronomy, few things rival the convenience of microgreens. Their ease of use is a culinary secret that transforms meals into a celebration of flavors and health:

🌱 Effortless Integration: Adding microgreens to your dishes is a simple gesture that imparts profound culinary finesse. From breakfast to dinner, they seamlessly intertwine with your creations.

🌱 A Touch of REAL: Elevate your gustatory adventures by infusing each dish with a touch of realness – microgreens embody the essence of living nutrition that resonates with your body and senses.

🌱 Colors, Textures, and Flavors: Microgreens are the artist's palette of the culinary world. With a mere sprinkle, you introduce a spectrum of colors, a symphony of textures, and an explosion of flavors that dance harmoniously.

🌱 Culinary Alchemy: Witness the culinary alchemy unfold as microgreens add layers of taste, crunch, and vibrancy that transform ordinary meals into extraordinary dining experiences.

A Kaleidoscope of Culinary Innovation: Microgreens as your Muse

Imagine a world where every dish expresses culinary innovation and well-being. With microgreens as your muse, this becomes a delicious reality:

🌿 Flavorful Enchantment: Enliven your taste buds with a kaleidoscope of flavors. Each microgreen variety, from zesty to earthy, bestows its unique personality upon your creations.

🌿 Texture Delight: Elevate your dining encounters with an exquisite play of textures. The tender yet crisp microgreens tantalize your palate and heighten the pleasure of each bite.

🌿 Palette of Color: Paint your plates with vibrant hues, transforming meals into visual feasts. Microgreens offer an array of colors that breathe life into your dishes.

🌿 The Ease Equation: Experience the amalgamation of ease and excellence. Microgreens' effortless integration makes them the culinary enhancer you've been waiting for.

As you venture into the world of microgreens, remember that their simplicity is the catalyst that ushers culinary magic into your life. Everyone can embrace the art of cooking with microgreens, from novice chefs to seasoned connoisseurs. Whether you're whipping up a breakfast omelet, a hearty salad, or a gourmet dinner, these petite treasures blend health, taste, and ease in every mouthful. Embrace microgreens as your culinary companions and elevate your dining experiences to new heights.



Do You Want These Tasty Micros Delivered to Your Doorstep,
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Free Delivery on Orders Over $20

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